Use a question to fill body::accuracyThreshold

I would like users to define the threshold they want to use on the field.
When submitting the form definition to Central I don't get any error.
But the form closes a soon as I start geopoint.
gps_accuracy_threshold.xlsx (6.3 KB)

Is it a bug or is is simple not possible ?
If it is not, I will add another geopoint question with another accuracyThreshold :wink:

Hi @mathieubossaert
accuracyThreshold was implemented to work with static values only. In your case it's a dynamic value that comes from another question.
@LN have you ever considered making it work with dynamic values? Even if dynamic values are not supported there should be no crash.

thanks @Grzesiek2010 for your answer.
For the moment I added 3 geopoint questions with 5,10 and 15 m threshold.
Following the value that is set in user's prefs I hide the two other.

We've just released v2022.1.2 and now the crash should not take places in cases like that, just default values which is 5 meters for accuracyThreshold and 100 meters for unacceptableAccuracyThreshold should be used.

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