To capture a birthdate, the DATE widget does not seem to work well to scroll back to years earlier. I want to use a text field to enter a date in the format YYYY/MM/DD, e.g. 2018/12/07. I tried to restrict length to less than 11 digits but the constraint “.<11” produces an error message that it cannot exceed 10 digits even though the date does not exceed 10 digits! Is there a way to only input the YYYYMMDD and the captured result is YYYY/MM/DD or if I input YYYY/MM/DD that the string date is limited to that length? Any advice will be appreciated. I want to keep it simple as I am new to ODK.

Hi @Brian_Shelton

I would recommend using regex like this one:
Here is a sample form which uses that regex: dateRegex.xlsx (5.1 KB)
dateRegex.xml (991 Bytes)