Use Android Clipboard as external APP?

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.

I'm wondering if it's possible to send the content of question type text,int, or calculation to android clipboard by using the "launch an external app" fonction.
And then is there any way to recall the content of the clipboard back in a form ?

All these without the user to have to select the content to copy/paste the content... of course !

2. What app or server are you using and on what device and operating system? Include version numbers.

ODK Collect and aggregate

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

I don't fill comfortable with android dev ... I guess there might be a possibility to call the clip board that way ...

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

not really a bug ...

Thanks for your suppport !

Hi @xtra121
It's not possible. Could you describe what you are trying to achieve? Maybe we can help you do that in a different way.

Yes I agree to use Android clipboard as external

@Grzesiek2010 is it possible to do a copy text in odk collect. I can manually then paste in any app e.g. whatsApp etc?

Even if i need to install an app that I can send data using action or intent I am willing to do that but need some guidance. There must be some app that does this already.

I think this feature will male communication very powerful from odk collect to other apps.

What exactly would you like to copy? Could you provide an example? For example, it is possible to copy answers from text widgets.

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@Grzesiek2010 example and usecase below:

Using collect i collect information: Name, age, phone#, pollution data. Then I "join" the multiple data lines in "calculate" question called summary. I can already do this.

I want to copy the value stored in summary question in collect and then switch to any App(color notes, sms, whatsApp, calendar) on my phone and paste.
I want to send/share the value stored in summary to anyyyy another app from playstore (that you/yaw / helene/sea dawg can recommend e.g. notes,clipboard actions, evernote or gmail etc any other app that can accept the data). I can then copy it from "the other app" in a normal way to clipboard and paste it anywhere i need.

I know the GetODK documentation refers to sharing value usung send to intent and action. I also know copy to clipboard is not easily possible without involving another 3rd party app. But i need to make it simple because i need to copy so that i can freely paste where i need with an example.

Honestly this lack of cross-talk examples or limitations in collect has been quite hurtful for me. I collect good data in odk but i cant pass it to clipboard or other apps easily. Why not make this easy so i can copy and paste where i like. Sorry about rant.

This can be very powerful. Lets make this example a reality for end of year. Many non technical users in community will be happy. Thanks for your ongoing support.


Thanks for that clear and detailed description of what you want to accomplish, @alios82.

First, I want to make sure you know that you can copy from an editable field by long-tapping in it. So one option would be to put a calculate on an editable field and copy from there. It's not ideal because the text could be accidentally changed while copying but it could be useful as we come up with a better solution.

Currently the long press action is available on labels to clear the corresponding question. That makes adding a copy action for labels difficult.

One thing we could do fairly easily is allow select and copy of read-only text. That way you could have a calculate on a read-only field and that would be guaranteed to be unchanging as it's copied. Does that sound useful to you?

I think we could also consider adding a long-press to copy answers on the hierarchy/summary screen (accessed from the arrow icon while filling a form). That would make it possible to copy answers from the view sent form screen. This one I think we will need to think more carefully about -- in some cases dealing with sensitive data this could be seen as undesirable.

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Thanks @LN. Appreciate in advance.

I understand the editable field copy via long press. But am unsure how i can pass calculate value to it. I agree with you that editable field text is prone to unintentionally changing during copy/paste manual activity. So its not ideal.

Long press action on label strays from its current paradigm and i agree with fuzz in its implementation. Perhaps better to avoid.

i like the copy capability via "read only" question that can hold multi-line values out of a calculate question. Value will not be tempered in copying. I would vote this up for near term release goal and will be very useful. Possible to put into beta now?

Copying out of a hierarchy is an awesome idea so long as designer can allow/disallow copy action. Definitely very flexible as user may copy anything they choose after submitting the form out of multiple fields. Perhaps a long term release goal?

At end of this I will be a happy camper if entry staff can also collaborate :rightwards_hand: :leftwards_hand: (copy/paste/chat) the collected info using the ever increasing options in our phone.

You can use Google Lens to copy read-only text from ODK Collect


Cool suggestion.
Not sure if it will retain formatting and 100% accuracy.

Hi @LN
Just wanted to follow up to see if any of the options can be expected soon for copy ?

  • by allowing option to copy read-only text question
  • by allowing copy from jump hierarchy

Happy with either :slight_smile:
My detailed response is in thread above.

@LN Happy new year.
Any update on whether one of above options can be expected soon e.g. allowing readOnly field to be copied.

No update yet. We'll let you know when we make progress. If you'd like to implement this yourself, you can learn more in the contribution guide.

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