USE of ODK in 3ie and LSHTM project on BCC for Use of Toilets in India

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I am using this app for my latest project, data collection is working well and receiving quality data. But the only problem i am facing is, I get over with daily Quota (Use) in ODK aggregate. My sample size is quite large, like we are sending 1000 to 1200 forms everyday. Because quota get exhausted, it takes 24 hours to reset the quota and only then i can upload other forms to ODK aggregate.

I request everyone to kindly give me solution to solve this problem. so that i can check my data everyday without any delay and trouble in fetching data.

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Khushi Kansara

You can take paid version of Google app engine and it will take near by $50 per month.

You can visit above link and this will help you a lot.


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@iamnarendrasingh is correct. You are at a scale where you should start paying for hosting. Add a credit card to your App Engine account and I bet it'll be less than $50/month.

Also, if you are affiliated with LSHTM, you might be able to use their hosting service. More at

Hi thanks for suggestion, i bought paid version

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Thanks for giving prompt replies for my previous query,
Please help to sort my another query,
I find 404 error in my tablet. i rechecked my User settings, everything is correct but still i find this error.
please help