Use OneDrive to install ODK Aggregate on

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to set up an ODK based M&E system for our project, but I'm reeeeeally struggeling to find a "EU data protection" conform way of doing it. I'd have the option of renting out a server, which is but a super cumbersome process in our organization, so it's not really feasible.

But since we are using MS office, including OneDrive, I've been wondering if it is somehow possible to use OneDrive to host ODK aggregate or have ODK collect directly access the forms on OneDrive...

I do not have much hope, since I've literally not found anything on OneDrive and ODK anywhere online. So in case you know of another smart way to a) conform to EU GDPR (basically that the server needs to be sitting in the EU) and b) not having to set up my own server, I'd be super happy to get ideas!


Hey Simon,

we managed to get ODK Central as drop-in replacement for Aggregate running on Kubernetes. I've got a quick and dirty write-up here. See if either that or the other self-hosting options work for you on a EU-based cloud provider of your choice.