User registration for odk central

Is it possible to assign a user in ODK central who can view only submissions but cannot download data or upload forms?
If not currently available, can you please take a look at that feature in the future?
Thank You.

Hi @arazak584! See Managing Project Roles in the docs for more information about the different roles currently available. It sounds like Project Viewer is the role closest to what you're looking for, though it also sounds like there may be differences. If Project Viewer isn't what you have in mind, it'd be very helpful to hear more about your use case in as much detail as possible.

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I have gone through Managing Project Roles but it doesn't seem to have that option.
What I wanted is, I want give a third party access to view my data but I don't want the third party to be able to download any records. The project viewer is what is currently available but with that the third party can download the records. Is there any way around this?
Thank You.

That restriction isn't supported by our current set of roles. Could you say more about when it would be helpful for a user to be able to view data in the browser, but not be able to download it? Are there examples that you have in mind?

From the perspective of ODK Central, a user's access to data does not depend on the format in which the data is requested. In other words, if you can access submissions as OData (which is what is shown in the browser), you can also access submissions as CSV or XML (to be viewed outside the browser).