Username: Not configured on Collect via QR Code (from Central)

Dear All,
I have forms set up that pulldata from a preloaded CSV by username, and have the username metadata setup in the forms.

Unfortunately, when configuring Collect with the QR generated by Central, the submission does not include the username, as "Display Name" is all that is entered when creating the App User on Central.

I am using Central version v1.3.3-2 on AWS with Collect v2021.3.4

If I change server settings on Collect to add the username, the pulldata works of course.
But I want to send out user configurations for 80+ remote App Users by QR code.

Is there a workaround available?
I have thought of editing the QR codes, but hopefully there is an easier way.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

Hi all,

I am wondering the same thing - any advice would be hugely appreciated!



Hi Faran,

I did, in fact, end up editing the QR code's "username" value with names of all App users.

It actually resulted in a benefit:
I created the App Users as categories of users rather than individuals, as the editing of the QR allowed for the personalization.
Since the App Users were now categories, it greatly simplified the Form Access configuration on Central, as in my case there were several forms to be accessed by different categories of user (i.e. roles).

Hope this helps