Using a camera app other than the default one in Android 11+


I'm looking for a way to open a simple application, just to take a picture and store it, but as I've seen other topics, the problem appears as ''application missing, please manually enter the information''..
could someone please help me?
as the only thing I need is to open the app and take the photo through it, there are no other parameters, so I just put its destination in the 'appearance' column.
Could someone enlighten me what I did wrong?
Supervis-o.xlsx (21.2 KB)

this is my xlsForm and logo of app

Prior to Android 11, it was possible to set a default camera app. If your devices happen to be using older versions of Android, you should be able to do that.

If you are using Android 11+, I don't think there's a good way to do what you need. You can use an appearance of ex:com.jeyluta.timestampcamerafree() to launch Timestamp Camera, but the app doesn't know how to return an image directly to Collect.

This form shows a hacky option -- you could have one field to take the picture and then a second one to attach the picture using the "Choose image" button. I don't necessarily recommend this.

It's a long shot but I emailed the developer of the app to see whether they might be interested in adding an app integration mode. I'll update this thread if I hear back!


I am very happy if I can do this, in my project I necessarily need to use this application from an external source to validate the data, it brings the geolocation information, date and time and location directly on the photo. this would be very important to me, thank you very much, I look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible.

the example form that is attached did not work either, it returned the same error message

What Android version are you using? Are you sure you have the free version installed from If you have one of the paid versions you have to make sure to use the corresponding app id.

The app developer did get back to me with a very helpful message! We need to do some design and exploration around what he suggests and will try to have a solution for Collect 2023.4 in September or so. What we would like to try to do is provide a way to specify in the form the app ID of an alternate camera app.

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this would really be very useful.
I'm using android 12 and 11, I tested it on two smartphones and both didn't work, I'm using the free version of the TimeStamp app..
this would be great because I would also like to use the camera with an application to scan documents "CamScaner" it would also be perfect for my work, if you can include this function it would also be great.

or, I think it might help for now if I can collect the photo taken by OdkCollect and assign a response collected in text to the image, like tag image but this option just gives me the possibility to scratch or draw on the image, if you could paste a text of the questions in the image it would help

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Hi LN !

How to make the timestamp app as default for capturing the image? did the odk updated regarding this?

Yasir Kazmi

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Hi @Yasir_Kazmi
When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

This is not possible so far but will be in v2023.4 (or v2024.1) it depends on whether we are able to have one more release this year or not and it will be the beginning of 2024.

You can now try this out in beta!

Here is a form from @Grzesiek2010 that shows using different camera apps:
image_questions.xlsx (5.3 KB)

You'll need to use for form conversion until Central v2023.5.

Collect v2024.1 and Central v2023.5 now support setting a custom camera app. The documentation can be found here.

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