Using an old collect version, and disabling its update


For one project, I need to use the 'data sending via SMS' feature of ODK collect. I remember that it was integrated and worked pretty OK till collect v1.19, but then discontinued due to some google play permissions issue. I have the APK for that version. How/what should I modify in the code so that after installing the APK on the phone, it does not detect the newer/current version of ODK Collect as an upgrade to itself, and try to upgrade it automatically via google store? I know I can ask the user to manually disable updating in google play for this app, but I really need to make sure that the field users may not be able to update it at all, even by mistake (else I will lose the SMS feature, as it is not present in the current version).

In summary, the idea is that I modify the code and distribute+install it as a standalone APK to my project field users, and the app should not be able to update itself.


@Saad ,

In one of the studies I support we are able to send SMSs from the latest ODK Collect. I didn't work with the earlier version and may not know how it worked. What do you aim to do?


Hi Paul,

I could not really understand your message. Are you saying that the current version of ODK Collect can send answers to some mobile number via SMS? Can you please guide me how?

As far as my info is concerned, it was introduced in some previous version, but then was taken out of further builds due to the issue I mentioned. Please correct me if I am wrong.



Please see the attached CSV file design on how I have been able to design a form that sends SMSs in a smartphone (the smartphone has a SIM card and the sms phone app is used)
send_sms.xlsx (10.7 KB)

I hope it helps you.


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Did you succeed to setup sending SMSs from Collect?


I have tried using the attached xlsx file but there missing variable names, I would be grateful if you provide the complete xlsform.


The uploaded csv file wasn't meant for use but to guide you on the design. If you need to implement an SMS sending form, please share a short survey of the same and I could send a complete xlsform file.