Using API to pull responses from one form and push as options in another form

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I'm at a very early stage of understanding ODK env, so please let me know if this is the correct place to ask this question. I want to dynamically add options to a drop down list using api. Basically use the api to pull responses from one form, and push it as options in a drop down in another form.

I've read multiple threads here that says linking two forms is not possible (only possible in ODK-X, but not yet experienced enough to go there). But I also read that "Whatever ODK central can do, we can do via API". since central can read form responses and create/edit forms, it should also be possible.

I am reading the API docs but not able to find it. Is it possible/not possible? Is there any 'automated' way of doing this?

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Not yet setup but reading about ODK central

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