Using Blank Form Issues

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

Can some help.

This keep appearing in all our Tablet for several days. We can download the e-tool but we cannot use it. Below are two sample messages from tree different devices (VIVO phone and 2 Lenovo Tablets) we used.

There is no problem, however with using other e-tools.

The problem occurs in ODK version 12.2, 13.2, 14.1

We use ONA.I.O as our server. We have contacted ONA 3 days ago but the problem presists.

Can't upload 2 images at the same time. Here's another image of the same problem with the same e-tool.


Are you using an external dataset (data preloading) as part of your form?

When CSVs are loaded, some characters are removed from CSV column names to make them legal database column names. In that cleaning process, two columns can sometimes end up matching. It looks like in this case you have two questions with some variant of "languages other" with different punctuation or perhaps a languages_other question and an other question in a languages group. Change the name of one of those to be able to use the CSV.

Hello! Apologies if I took a while to respond. Got a long weekend and internet problem in my current location. The problem has been solve.

We did not load the form with CSV file. It seems the the system or glitch in the system generated it. When we delete the csv form, everything is okay now.

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