Using choice_filter to display not-selected choices in previous question

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I have a question (q1) that list all possible color combinations for a product. In the next 3 questions (q2, q3 and q4), I ask the participant for his/her 1st preferred color in q2, 2nd preferred color in q3 and 3rd preferred color in q4 using the same choice list for colors in q1. For q2 it is fine, but for q3 I want to hide the selection of choice made in q2, and for q4, hide the selected choices made in q2 and q3.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
I used choice_filter in q3 as not(selected(${q2},name)) = 'true', and it worked
Then I used choice_filter in q4 not(selected(${q3},name)) = 'true'. While it worked, but it only hid the choice selection made in q3 but not the q2.

I also tried not(selected(${q2},name)) = 'true' and not(selected(${q3},name)) = 'true' but it did not work too.

Any suggestions?

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What you tried sounds like it should work, or is very close!
Here's a working example: cascading_rank.xlsx (11.7 KB)