Using DropBox storage

Would it be posible to install ODK Aggregate on DropBox?

Dear @Saleh,

I do not think ODK Aggregate can install on Dropbox, but you can (with ODK2) manage data to some extent on Dropbox by importing and exporting csvs.


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To add to @elmps2018's answer...

You can't really "install" any of the ODK servers on Dropbox because Dropbox is online file storage with no support for the computing that a server requires.

If your goal is to get your data eventually on Dropbox, then the two ways I'd suggest are:

  1. Use the command line interface in Briefcase to download data from Aggregate and store it in Dropbox.
  2. Use Google Drive/Sheets with Collect and use IFTTT or Zapier to get that data to Dropbox.