Using Google Drive as server, do I have to share gmail account password with everyone?


I am trying to set Google Drive as the server for the form on ODK Collect. But the configuration is prompting me to add full gmail account on the Android phone, with regular password of the account. That does not seem appropriate to give to all field users. Am I missing some step?

Thanks for helping.

Hi @Saad

To use Google Drive you need a google account. You don't have to share your own account with the team, everyone can use their own account. The problem with this solution is that if you want to download a form from Google Drive you will need to put that form to everyone's google drive and if you have a form that contains media widgets like image, video, audio then after uploading a form those media files will also end up in Google Drive that belongs to a user who uploaded it.
If it's a problem for you you might need to create a new account for your team so that everyone uses the same account and it's not your private one.