Using images with multiple-select from CSV


I am trying to integrate the ODK feature of getting multiple-select options from a CSV file into a questionnaire we are designing. We are also thinking about adding images for the choices for this multiple-select. We aren't yet sure how well this will work, but would like to give it a try.

I found documentation for reading CSV choices from a file, which includes a note about adding an "image" column to be read from the csv file. However when using ODK Central, media files can only be uploaded corresponding to things referenced in the uploaded xlsform. Since the image names are stored in the csv file, no entry for these media files shows up there.

I'm wondering if there is a way to upload these image files?


I am facing similar issue with dynamic image attachment.
so far could not find any solution.

I found a way around this issue, I added a select_one question with "relevant" set to 0 (so that it doesn't show up in the questionnaire), and for the associated entry in the "choices" sheet, I added an entry for every image which could appear in the CSV file. Then it is possible to upload all of these images. It seems like this might work well enough for us.


@Prashant_K indeed, this does look very similar to your question at Upload media images via odk central that are not part of xlsform choice list/survey directly.

Central does not currently allow for uploading files that are not explicitly listed in the form. What you've come up with @mdg is the best approach I can think of.

@LN @mdg
Thanks you the for the reply.
The same work around I have implemented and it works smooth.
Except one very small issue that one unnecessary column in added to database.