Using instance ID as A member ID

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Is it possible to display instance ID onto the tablet screen as a note that will help the data collectors to use this ID to label it on the other equipments for more investigation.

Hi @godlove
could you elaborate? Maybe you can attach a screenshot where you want to display it. And just to be clear you are talking abound instance id not form id right?

My problem is, I need odk to design a unique member ID for every member who will come to test for malaria and this ID will be used to lable other equipment such as blood sample manually etc. See the attached xls form Malaria register2.xls (43 KB)

So every time a form is started you need to have a unique id right?

If so what about this:
idTest.xlsx (5.6 KB)

Yes I need like this

But I need a Simplest ID not complecated couse we use this ID to label blood sample.

But I need a Simplest ID not complecated couse we use this ID to label blood sample tubes for futher investigation.

If you use just one device you could wrap your form in a repeatable group. Then instead of starting a new form for each member you would just add another group what would allow you to use its position as id which is like 1,2,3 etc.
Would that work for you?

No, because we work in different regions with different divices.

Ok so if you have multiple devices how you imagine it? You want a simple but unique id, it's not possible then to assure they are unique between devices.

Ok, So is it possible to display id which is created by odk? before uuid?

What do you mean by:

See the highlighted column in this attachment Population of the study sites.xlsx (8.3 KB)

but how you created that id? Using a function or is that just a text field and the value is entered by a user?

if it will be created by function my friend, will be good

If the UUID string returned by the usual ODK function uuid() is too complicated, you can pass the function a length parameter to generate a shorter GUID, eg uuid(4) [with corresponding less guaranteed 'uniqueness'...]. See uuid() for details.

Thank you so much @Xiphware

You can also maybe concatenate some answers to create an ID by yourself or just the form's name. Adding the date or something will likely make it unique, for example: FORM450-12:30-2019-08-21.

@godlove: Yes, it's possible to display instance ID onto the tablet screen. You may use instance name coding to do that. I have created a snapshot for you from your 'Malaria register2' file you put on the platform. I have combined both ID and name of participants appearing for easy identification by data collectors. This can be found on the 'settings' sheet. See snapshot below


You may also review my input in your file. See below. Thank you.
fad_Malaria_register2.xls (45 KB)