Using jr:choice-name and indexed-repeat together

Hello ODK users

I have been struggling to get jr:choice-name to work with indexed-repeat. I have read the existing forum topics on this but I think I am missing something key.

This is what I am currently using:
jr:choice-name(indexed-repeat(${Op2.2_crop}, ${crops}, position(..)),'${Op2.2_crop}')

Op2.2_crop is the select_one option which lists four different types of crop. A user can select multiple crops in one form which is why I have the indexed-repeat function. I want the indexed-repeat to show the choice label instead of the name.
Please help!
LauraWOSE LogframeKOBOv.1.3.xlsx (16.8 KB)

Hi @lmendes

please take a look at this example: choice_name_and_indexed-repeat.xls (7.5 KB)


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