Using multiple font sizes for answer choices in XLSForm

Good afternoon ODK!

I have been trying to use multiple font sizes for some of my answer choices akin to how questions can have hints, but I haven't been able to find a way to integrated that feature. I have tried adding markdown and have referred to the documentation available at the following link for styling prompts ( but have had no success adjusting the font size.

Here's a screenshot of a Word document displaying what I am trying to accomplish

Thank you for your help.

You may also have a look here, please:

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Hi @jmax, it sounds like you are using Survey123? I don't know if it supports ODK's form styling and what, if any, additional styling it has. Your likely best bet is to contact ESRI.

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Thanks for your answers, very much appreciate it!

@wroos Thanks, I'll explore to see if I can find a solution/workaround here.

@yanokwa Yes, I realize I forgot to mention it in my original post but it is for Survey123, and that makes total sense. I'll reach out to Esri support.