Using ODK Collect in a windows environment

Hello ODK Community,

I am interested in Data Collection with ODK and have some questions.
Since I am using a HP ElitePad 1000 G2 which is based on MS Windows, is there a way to run the ODK Collect in a windows environment?

I was thinking of the possibility to run an Android Emulator but this will likely not work due to performance issues. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Markus,

one option would be to buy cheap Android tablets, like the Lenovo Tab3 7" (goes for AUD 96 at the time of writing).
We're using them in bulk and are very happy with their performance, especially at that price point.


Hi @MK,

You can use your web browser for data entry via Enketo

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I know about one company which used Bluestack for that and it was ok as I know, but it depends on your device.