Using ODK for Chain of Custody? - Share Your Examples!

Hello all!

Does anyone have any case studies or examples of using ODK for Chain of Custody documentation and tracking? Would love to learn from / about existing processes!
The ODK team has thus far shared this example with me:


Do you think examples of supply chain tracing would be relevant? I imagine there would be a lot of commonalities even if chain of custody is more complete.

Are you looking for practical info like how forms are distributed, how a single entity is tracked over time, what kind of training is needed and things like that? Sample forms?

We've recently discovered an amazing group of agriculture-focused ODK Insiders: @rfvieira @alios82 @nmambre @dast @EduardoCM and I believe all of them have done some amount of work related to supply chain tracing. Maybe some of you have processes you'd be up for sharing? One question I have right from the start is how much is enumerator-mediated vs. self-report. Thanks!