Using participant's answer (names of household members) to self-populate follow-up questions with that answer (*note that number of household members will change with each survey)

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I am creating a survey that asks household members multiple questions. I am wondering if it is possible to have the participant enter their household members' names and then each follow-up question contains those names. I am not looking to select the participant names in the follow-up questions but rather already have the names integrated into the question. Every question MUST be answered for each participant and employing the select_person method will be tedious and inefficient. See #4 below for more details.

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Just not sure if this is possible to populate an entered answer into the questions on the survey (not as a select person)

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
Q1. How many members in household?
A1. 3

Q2. Names of those members? ${house_num} <--- already aware of how to populate with the correct number of members based off of Q1 response
A1. Jack, James, Jill

*now I want to populate the next question with those three names, but how??
Q3. Age of each member ?
Jack [enter age]
James [enter age]
Jill [enter age]

*once again, I want the question to already include the names of the members and then simply use select_one to answer for each participant if they have gone swimming
Q4. Has any member gone swimming?
Jack [select_one yes_no_dontknow]
James [select_one yes_no_dontknow]
Jill [select_one yes_no_dontknow]

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You should use a repeat to ask for each member's information

Maybe this can help you

Thanks for the reply! If I use a repeat, do I have to ask each member individually about the questions?

i.e. will the survey look like this:

Enter Jack's age ____
Has Jack gone swimming ____

Enter Jame's age ____
Has Jame's gone swimming ____

I would prefer to not have the above format, rather I would like the format that is included in my original post. I need to keep the question types together so that each question category is asked of the member at the same time. I have questions that become more complicated as the survey moves on and it will be inefficient to go through all questions with one participant at a time.