Using select multiple options to populate multiple symptom fields

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
Creating a decision support tool, where we have select multiple choices representing symptoms, which we want to automatically update multiple conditions fields using selected () as calculated fields.
The issue is using selected symptoms to automatically populate more than one condition field using and, for example:
select_multiple sym, where sym is syma, symb, symc, symd etc.
We want to update c1 and c2 based on syma and symb as follows:

calculate and select c1 and c2 automatically if selected(${symptoms},'syma') and selected(${symptoms},'symab')

We get errors when we use and to combine the selected() under the relevant field using and, any ideas?

Hello @Oyier

See that your expressions for c1 and c2 are correctly structured and that each condition is evaluated properly.

Check Individual Conditions Separately:
First, ensure that each individual condition check works separately. For example, check if syma is selected and if symb is selected.

Combine Conditions Using and:
Use the and operator to combine these checks logically.