Using single text field to cover details of multiple options in label


I have a SELECT-ONE type question, which has possible answer options as A, B, C, D and E. Every option, if selected, asks for entering the details of respective entry. Example: If A is selected, the next question (type=text) would ask the user to enter the details about option A. Same for all other options. Now, I need to program the label of this question to reflect the option selected for details (something like PLEASE ENTER THE DETAILS OF OPTION A. This way, I can use only a single text question to cover all 5 options, instead of putting 5 separate questions for all 5 options.

How do I do that? Please also note that A, B, C etc are shortened variables for example. In real form, I have options with names carrying spaces (like 'City School', ' Village School', etc.). I am mentioning this because I don't want to reflect the selected variable name in label (like City_School) because this is aesthetically confusing for the user.


Hey @Saad ,

Can you share this section in excel so It will be more helpful for us to resolve the issue?


exampleODK.xlsx (260.1 KB)

Hey @Saad ,
I added one new line for calculation and update the labels of key questions. Have a look at all of those.

exampleODK_NS.xlsx (259.0 KB)

I am sure this will solve your issues.


I think I have done something that is similar to what you are aiming for.

I did it to try to get less of a sparse matrix in the output and achieved this by dynamically setting both the question label, hint & options. But in order to know what the asked question was, I also had to return the question text as a field. In my case, I had ~20 categories, each with up to 5 questions, so I could either have 100 fields, or I could have 10 (5 with question text, 5 with the response).

To do this, the first select_one asked for the category (eg 'which kind of school are you reporting on'), and then I calculate the question text & hint text (Q1, H1, Q2, H2 etc) as instance lookups in the choices sheet / CSV.

Then for ${Q1} the label value uses the calculated ${Q1_text}, (in your case it might be a text question with label please enter the details of ${Q1_text}) and the choices come from the list Q1, with a choice filter for the category chosen to only show options relevant to the selected category.

If that sounds like something you are looking for and @iamnarendrasingh's answer doesn't suffice I can edit a form down to provide an example