Using Xform in the mobile app

I am new to ODK and I want to create XForms contain questions that can be integrated into an Android mobile application. I follow the instruction on ODK website for creating XLSForm and converting them to XForm. I want to display this form directly on the mobile app screen ( without displaying the ODK Collect app user interface). Cloud you please let me know if there is any way to do that?

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Hi @Atieh,

What you are asking is not a simple thing, you need to dive in some ODK libraries to study them and see who to use them. Above all you need to be a java developer to do that. Unless you have those skills or ready to hire, just use the current odk app.
Start by looking at javarosa library

JavaRosa is a Java library for rendering forms that are compliant with ODK XForms spec. It is the heart of many of the ODK tools. ODK JavaRosa is a fork of JavaRosa 1.0 that has been modified to NOT run on J2ME devices.

Another option post in marketplace that you want to hire a developer.

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If you want to 'render' (ie parse and display) a XForm outside of ODK Collect, then you can do so in a web browser (or iframe) using the Enketo web interface. Otherwise, as @dicksonsamwel states, if you want to render an XForm within your own custom native Android app, then you'll first have to parse it (using javaRosa) and then figure out how to display the extracted XForm controls (aka form questions) yourself.

Or, because its open source, you could fork the ODK Collect source and strip out everything you dont want and incorporate the remainder into your app as a XForm viewer, but that will require serious developer skills.

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