Using xml get odk

hello sir

i have created xml file from odk.threw ""

and bimistake i have not saved that on odk tool.

but i have xml file.

is it possible to upload file on odk tool and see the view please help me.


I'm not sure what you are asking, but it's one of two things so I'll just answer both.

It is not possible to automatically go from XForm to an XLSForm or ODK Build file.

If you want to see how the form looks on a device, you can put the XML on an Aggregate server or Google Drive, download it to ODK Collect and view it there. has instructions.

Actually i build xml using odk.and i download xml file. But by mistake i close browser without save. I want to see odk structure. So is it possible using that xml file? Because it support only upload .odkbuild file. Or any tool to conver xml to .odkbuild file directly or indirectly...because finally i want to see steucture on odk build and can modify it. Please help if it is possible

Not sure I understand, but again, it is not possible to go from XML to an ODK Build file you can modify. If you did not save the .odkbuild file, you have to recreate your form.

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