Validation of choices

Hellow everybody,

I am conducting a study where data collectors have to choose 1 out of three choices depending on the time frame reached by the study.Can anyone please help on how do I make a first choice invalid after a period of 3 months and then only second choice active after 6 months and only a third choice active for selection after 9 months. Or any other approach any can have..

For example (a question on the form):

  1. Please choose which test are you currently conducting:
    a. Pre Test
    b. Mid Test
    c. Post Test

From there I want a data collector in first place to conduct a pre test, after 3 months he/she to only be able to select Mid test, and after 6 months I want only a "post test" selection to be active for selection

Hi @Willy, welcome to the ODK community, we're glad you're here!
It sounds like you'll need some combination of:

Does the single survey file contain different sets of questions for each of the tests (pre, mid, and post)? And is the set of questions based on the time since a set date in the past?

Hellow @danbjoseph, Thank you, I am glad to be here too!

A single survey file will have the same questions for pre, mid and post test, I have tried choice_filter and relevant but data collectors keep accidentally selecting the wrong choice

eg: mistakenly select post test at times when pre or mid test is being conducted

Is this something you can automatically calculate in the background?
What if you have a second question to make them acknowledge the answer they input?