Variable data is appearing blank

Dear Team,
I was collecting data of household members details in a form. Now, issue appear is mentioned below:
In a repeat group a variable name Q1 "Name of household member" was being captured and was independent variable.
I have added 2 more variable of Age and gender in it, while adding these two variables i put it all three variables in a group now and start collecting data .
Now issue appears in dataset is that all previously collected data in variable Q1 is removed and Variable Q1 is blank only those responses are appearing which have been collected in updated version.
So how all old data can be retrieved in Q1 variable.


I'm assuming you are using Central?

If a field is removed, it will not be included in exports by default. You can ask for all fields that were ever referenced in previous Form versions when you export data. Renaming a field is the same as removing a field and then adding a new one.

You can also put a relevance of false() on the field so that it's still included by default in data exports but no longer shown to data collectors.


Hi ,
I am using server for deploying forms and exporting data.

Ok have not removed any variable which were used in form .only i have put a variable in begin group earlier it was not in begin group.
For eg.
If my form is having 5 question like Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12
In a repeat group and 100 Household data was collected on it via me , now i have added two new variable as Q8b Q8c and

Now i have put all three variables Q8 Q8a Q8b in a begin group in updated version.

Now the old collected data of 100 Household is not appearing for Q8 which was "Name of house hold member" when I export raw dataset I found it blank for older version deployed form.

In this condition what is possible way for getting 100 house hold members name.

I have attached screenshot


This is a server-side issue, so if you are using Ona, please ask the Ona team for help at