Various questions about ODK possibilities

Dear all,

I am ODK user since few year for personal things and I would like to promote this solutions to my organism. The goal is to collect field data as alternative of some other proprietary solutions we use now. For it, I need to get some answer to convince my chief.
I already found many answers on this forum, but I get some others:

In my company, we use a Ldap to connect in all application, but not our partners. For ours applications, we would like to restrain access to ODK forms and submissions with ID and Password.
Is there a solution included in ODK to manage the access with restriction?

Unify the ODK Collect configuration:
Is there a way to package all parameters (server access, maps sources, submission link, etc.) directly through a web-link or a QrCode? So like that, all users will have the same app. If yes, would it be stable, even if users update there ODK Collect?

Personalized app:
Is it possible to share a web-link where users can download app and get a personalized front page before the default menu of ODK Collect (before "fill blank form", "Edit saved form"...)?
Is it possible to personalize ODK collect logo on the android device?

I have to guaranty a good safety. How ODK is positioning concerning to OWASP norm?

Table with integer?
Is it possible to have a table appearence with integers? In fact we would like to have a liste of items, and then for each item, the possibility to fill 2 values.

Preloading points on map?
Is it possible to load predefined points on map (to help users to positioning themselves)?

Preloading data from database?
Is there a way to load history, even a summary of data from the database to help user to know what have been already done?

Keeping historic from terminal?
Another close functionality: Is it for some questions to save answers from previous forms from the same device? For example, if the user write his name, surname on the first form, keep it by default on next forms?

Thanks, regards,