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Dear All,

I want to include a video in my ODK collect to explain something to the users of that field form. I have created a video of 2MB with a .mp4 format. I have included a field "media::video" and in the row I am calling the video with "autoplay=videoname.mp4". I upload the video with the other media files. However, the ODK form always comes with the message that it cannot find the video... Any idea what might be the problem? Thanks!

I've never used the autoplay option you've mentioned and can't find a reference in the documentation for ODK nor XLSForm? Is the video found if you put only the filename videoname.mp4 in the media::video column?

Another thought... does your form include multiple languages or define the language in any of the column headers? That is, something like label::English (en) or like hint::French (fr).

A few other added details about your situation that I think will help someone troubleshoot..
What is the version of ODK Collect you are using? What server option and version are you using (ODK Aggregate)? How are you transferring the forms to the phones?

Hi danbjoseph, Yes, I use two language labels and also hints. Also without the autoplay option the video will not play. I aggregate version v1.4.7. ODK Collect the newest download (V1.18.1). I transfer the video file through the uploading media files option in aggregate. With photos no problem, but the video seems to give problems.

If you have multiple languages, I think you need a media column for each language, even if the video is the same. For example have both a media:video::English (en) and a media:video::French (fr).

See this post dealing with what seems to be a similar issue with images:

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Hi danbjoseph, I tried your suggestions but no result (added media:video::english and also media::video::english). The 'play' button appears but when I press it, the system says it can't play the video. Then I installed another video player, and then it did work. So it might be a combination of your solution and having installed the right video player that reads mp4. This makes it by the way tricky, as fieldworkers may have older devices with older video players. Is mp3 an older and more univeral format...? Good to have clear what video formats are supported by ODK. I could not find this anywhere in the documentation.

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Hi Eddy,

It is good that you were able to solve this. Can you provide more information on this ie which device are you using, information on the video player available, and which player did you install

Hi dicksonsamwel,

I use a nexus 7 asus tablet and have installed VLC as a video player. Works well with .mp4.

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