View Form calculated values in View Sent Forms Feature

I have a form that calculates a lot of values using the user inputted values. This works so well and I am able to get the values saved and sent when the form is submitted.
But when I view the sent forms I am only able to user inputted values only. Is there away i can view the calculated values as well?

By definition, calculates are not shown in the user interface. If you want to display something back to the user (and thus have it appear in View Sent Forms) you can use something like a note widget. You can also put ${question-name} in any label to output its value.

Thanks for your response, the first image shows the values calculated on the fly when the user fills the form. After the user has sent the form ( to ona), the form remains in the application and can be viewed as "VIEW SENT FORMS".
Now the first form can show the calculated values correctly using hints and labels and works fine. But when I view the form in "VIEW SENT FORMS", the calculated values are not shown.

So my question is, how can i view the above calculated values in the "VIEW SENT FORMS" even after the form has been submitted?