View label entries(text, from "label" column) as submissions and not numbers(from "name" column)


I've been using this amazing tool for a while now and have a few questions regarding re-coding and data exports.

I create the form in Excel (Thank-you for the excellent documentation!) and in the 'choices' sheet, I enter unique numbers in the "name" column and its corresponding text in the "label" column. After the surveys are complete and I export them via Google Sheets or Aggregate as a .xlsx file, I manually re-code the "name" and "label" columns for analysis.

Is it possible to directly retrieve the "label" as the submission data instead of the numbers? I've tried to edit the "name" column and replace each of the cells as its corresponding text (1 - Yes, 2 - No) but I still receive integers as the submissions in my exports.

Attaching original and edited files for reference.Edited.xlsx (12.0 KB) Original.xlsx (12.0 KB)

If the values in your label column are what you want in your submission data (Google Sheets or Aggregate), then make these the values in your name column, too. There's no reason the name column has to be integers or codes. I routinely have labels of "yes" and "no" with corresponding names of "yes" and "no," respectively.

Thanks @Greg1 for your reply!
So I've actually tried out what you've said (attached in the edited.xlxs) file, but when I convert the form into xml I can still see that the value in the "name" field is still the integer I had specified previously via XLS Form Online.

Maybe the website stores the generated files as cache? I'll try clearing the cache and re-convert.

You cannot change the fields (questions) in a survey when it is on the server with data. Have you tried deleting the old form from Aggregate and the resulting Google Sheet, then uploading your new xml based on the edited.xlxs?

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Looks like a combination of cached files and XML files being overwritten sort-of broke the parser.
A clean start fixed the issue.

Thanks for the suggestions @Greg1!

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