Visualizing geopoints

Bonjour j' aimerai savoir comment visualiser des geopoints.

Hi @Ndongodiouf9,
if you use Kobotoolbox or another platform, you can view them online through their website or download it as a KML file and open in Google Earth.

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If you have a CSV file with a latitude and longitude column you can drag and drop into
Also QGIS is an excellent (and free) desktop GIS software. See this tutorial for displaying points from a CSV.

Google translate of my post (apologies, I only know English):

Si vous avez un fichier CSV avec une colonne latitude et longitude, vous pouvez faire glisser et déposer dans
QGIS est également un excellent (et libérer) logiciel de SIG de bureau. Consultez ce didacticiel pour afficher des points à partir d'un fichier CSV.


You can also do some mapping in ODK Aggregate, either directly in the web UI, or exporting the data to a KMZ or streaming the data to Google Sheets or Google Fusion Tables and mapping there.

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Hi, @Ndongodiouf9! We've just released Briefcase v1.13, which lets you export geospatial data into GeoJSON files. You could use that to visualize geopoints in