Voice to Text options when filling out forms on ODK collect

Hi All,

I am just wondering if there are voice to text options fill out forms on ODKcollect (tablet or phone). I have tried by it says that the device does not have access?

Any thoughts?


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My guess here is that permissions for the device keyboard to use the microphone and transcribe have been disallowed in the past - you can probably check this in 'Permission manager' in settings, go to 'Microphone' and see if any keyboards are under the 'Not allowed' section.

I tried two non keyboard input options on Samsung Galaxy S23 / Tab S7 to test offline voice to text;

  • S23 & Tab S7 - voice input via 'samsung keyboard'
    • Worked with network connection, did not work offline
    • Had to grant permission initially
  • Tab S7 - S-Pen handwriting input
    • Works without network connection

I then went to

  • Tab S7 / S23
    • Settings / General Management / Samsung Keyboard / Voice input, and;
      • Changed from Samsung voice input to Google voice input
      • This then worked offline and had settings to add more offline languages.
  • I also downloaded a language pack from the Galaxy Store on the S23 but this didn't seem to affect anything as the Samsung Voice Input was still non functional offline.
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