Want to fetch one form's saved data in another form in ODK Collect

Is there any way to fetch the saved data of one form into another form within ODK Collect?
I am having 3 forms in odk, first form generates a participant ID and common survey which I want to select in 2nd and third form to make survey easier. I don't want to merge the forms because survey timing of each form is much different. (all 3 forms are in xls formate.)

I am using Latest ODK Collect app

I searched all over the internet but no solution till now.......

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I believe this is the feature described at A dynamic form data lookup locally without server synchronization. It's also related to Linking different forms. Neither are available in Collect yet but if they describe functionality you would like, please comment and vote on those. The more information you can provide on how you would like these features to work, the more helpful that will be for developers to implement.

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Thanks for the help,
I sorted my problem in another way.
Thanxs alot once again....

Hi Shivam

I seem to be having the same issue you had a few days ago.
I wanted to find out how you managed to solve the issue.
Am using the excel scripting format.

Looking forward to your feedback.


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Hi Shiva,

Can you explain how you sorted the above mentioned problem?

Even I am strucked here?

Hoping soon to get reply from you .
Thank you!