Wanted repeatable group within other repeatable group

Here is attached xlsx.
DVRS1.xlsx (17.9 KB)
I needed repeatable group within another repeatable group.
Please guide me.


What is the problem? If you want to have nested repeatable groups just add it like:

type name label
begin_repeat --- ---
begin_repeat --- ---
end_repeat --- ---
end_repeat --- ---
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Thanks, i want to link Worker Detail group with worker vehicle Details.
I want to fill Mr Smith detail with its three vahicles.
When i enter in work detail repeatable group i fill Mr Smith details then i goto to another repeatable group of vehicles details.
One by one i enter all his vehicles details, when i complete it, it's ask me want to add other person details.
I try to explain please guide me.


That worker... do you need to select it from a list, if so do you need to fill details for every single worker on the list? or maybe you want to pass its name using text field?

I again explain with rough work on page.
Please guide me.

Sorry but it's not a good explanation (at least for me) please provide a sample step by step describe here.

Thanks Grzesiek2010,

It's work for me fine.

Very grateful to you.