Weird behavior in nested repeats

I am using ODK central to collect some data and in the form, I have some repeats nested in inside another repeat, see structure below as an example (the questionnaire includes more question):

begin group
begin repeat 1
begin repeat 2
select one
end repeat 2
end repeat 1
end group

The users are able to add as many repeats forms, and include as many nested repeats when they are collecting the data. However, when they (or I) want to edit the forms, we can only see the nested repeats of the first main repeat form, but not for the subsequent nested repeats (say I can only see the nested repeats for family 1, but not for families 2, 3, etc) and the "+" and "-" buttons also dissapear. See images below for better clarification:

I do not know if this is an issue with ODK central or what could be happening, as it does not occur to all the forms, in some cases I am able to see the nested repeats, but I would say in 85% of the cases the nested repeats (and buttons) dissapear.

I tried to reproduce the problem when collecting the data for first time, but I am not able to reproduce it. It only occurs after a form is submitted and I want to edit it.


I should mention as well that the information from the nested repeats (that was collected when data was entered for first time), is also removed, which is a huge issue!

Do you have a relevance condition on the nested repeat? It looks a bit like If you could share your form either in this thread or in a direct message that would help us further troubleshoot.

My guess and hope is that it's only not visible. A quick way you can verify this is by going to the submission detail page ( The address should look something like


If you change the # to a v1 and add .xml to the end, you'll be able to see the raw submission that Central received. If the information you expect is there, that confirms it's a display issue.

Thank you very much for your reply!

The link that you shared seems to be related to the issue I am having. I cannot share the file publicly, but I am sending you a private message of a light and anonymized version of it (the questionnaire has more pages and questions but the structure is basically the same).

Also, I did what you said about changing "# to a v1 and add ".xml to the end" but still I am not able to see the information submitted in the nested repeat, same issue if I download the data as CSV.

Many thanks

I found where this issue comes from. The problem is when trying to add more information in editing mode in a scenario where the nested repeat is only display after some information is filled out (i.e. if you put some condition in the "relevant" column). So the partial solution is to remove the "relevant" condition from the nested repeat.

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That makes sense and really makes it seem like the same issue as I linked to. It's unfortunately a tricky one to address but will try to take another look next week.

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