What docs do you need early?

The first two documentation pieces will be:

  • getting started guide
  • how to contribute to documentation

After that, I will be doing a lot of copy-paste-edit from existing sources.

But lots of things aren't anywhere in particular, haven't ever been documented, or only exist as a mailing list response.

What things have you frequently needed to know about, and couldn't find any documentation for?

You can contribute two ways:

  • Respond here. This is the best if you have a general idea about docs being needed, but not a terribly specific "deliverable" that can be accomplished in one project.
  • Create a docs issue on the github repo. This is best if you have a specific need or idea that can be clearly communicated and satisfied with a single deliverable (a new page or section of documentation).

Example of a good GH Issue: "How to install X component on Y hardware?"
Example of a good forum discussion: "Ideas about best practices with using X component in a distributed work environment."

It would be helpful to know how difficult it is to do your work without the doc, and how urgent it is to have a doc addressing your problem. We have a lot to do, so this will help with setting priorities.