What format does Collect save data as?

I want to know that when we save data through ODK collect in what format the data is stored inside the mobile device.

It saved in .xml format you can find this in your mobile internal storage and path is:
Internal Memory>ODK>Instance
There are multiple folder in ODK like forms where you can find out all blank forms which are in your phone and inside Instance you can find out all forms which has been filled by you on ODK Collect.


When we push the data to briefcase what is the data format

After pushing data in briefcase we will get CSV file.

Through ODK 1 how to save data online in private cloud

What you need to setup up please more clear.

Google app engine will give you free space and also it's private for your own account. You can setup and use it.


Thank you so much for your reply.

For setup ODK Aggregate server on Google app engine you can refer https://youtu.be/2VNAQDl20I0
Above link.

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