What is a "paper airplane champion"?

This is mostly a question for @avoorman (see his introduction here) though I hope anyone with information in this will share it. Google wasn't all that helpful. :blush:

I assumed something like this? :slight_smile: But would love to hear more about this interesting story @avoorman! :flight_departure:

Well, there are 3 categories: time of flight, distance, and acrobatics. Time of flight being the most prestigious, of course. The tournament was run by red bull paper wings , making me a red bull athlete I think. Representing Quebec in the national paper airplane competition was one of the weirder experiences in my life!


Good thing you weren't just the acrobatics champion, that would have been very disappointing. :joy:

It's an honor to know a decorated Québec athlete in addition to a Red Bull athlete.


Paper airplane contests are common at Georgia Institute of Technology. Here is a blast from the past:

Georgia Tech Paper Airplane Contest 2009