What is ODK for?

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We received an email about ODK permanently shutting down, and I'm trying to figure out what we would have used this tool for. No one on our team knows anything about it, but I don't want us to lose data if it's tucked away somewhere. Could someone please explain about what ODK is, and where this information might be stored - is it for something like a website, or a different platform?


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You may have a look first at the documentation, please,

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Do you mean the email about ODK BUILD being retired?

Forum thread with details.

If someone on your team has forms saved there you can download them before Feb.


Thank you for that link - is there any way for us to tell if we already have an account, or access our files if we're not even sure we have any? I've asked previous employees of our company if they recall utilizing ODK, but no one can recall, so I'm not really sure what to do about it. Also, what kinds of files would we be using?

Thank you!

Log into https://build.getodk.org with the email address where you got the Build shutdown email. If you forgot the password, reset it. After you login, go to File > My Forms and see if you have any forms. If you do, export them to XLSForm and keep them in a safe place.

All that said, if no one at your organization remembers what ODK is, then it's probably not critical, so it's probably safe to do nothing. Not everything that is created has to be kept :slight_smile: