What is the default projection for the GPS field and kml export option?

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What is the default projection for the GPS field and kml export option?

I will try to connect the points exported from the odk aggregate in format kml into an Argis 10.10 Desktop.

I would like to know if it has UTM wgs 84 or EPSG:4326


I am by no means a geo expert but I believe that WGS 84 and EPSG:4326 refer to the same projection. There's more specific information here.

I can say with confidence that the raw coordinates from ODK Collect are unprojected and use the WGS 84 ellipsoid. I agree that this should be documented.

I have verified that the coordinate values are unchanged when exported to CSV or KML from Aggregate so I believe that means they remain unprojected.


Hi @gastonnina,

@LN is absolutely correct. I would add that if you import your data in a GIS, you have to specify that they are geographic coordinates, i.e. unprojected, and then choose a projection system to convert the coordinates if you need to.

Also, you must be careful with the order in which the coordinates columns are entered. There's a good article on this issue at: 'https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/75326/what-is-the-projection-of-an-android-location-class-instance'.



Is it possible to change the projection?
ODK collects geodata in WGS 84 and EPSG:4326 but i need EPSG 89 UTM 30N


I'm a geo-newbie, so forgive my naive questions. Why should ODK Aggregate provide this conversion and not say ArcGIS? Is it common that other systems provide this conversion?

HI jlsevillano,
in fact you don't need the transformation of projection in the side of aggregate because you can import your geodata in the ArcGIS which will give you the ability to choose the projection you want.

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Yes I know i can transform projection with ArcGis or Qgis (open source). Really i don't need but the users (my users) asked me about to use another projection (the official projection in the Region).

But is not an important question because i said: "Don't worry, we can export the data to CSV or SHP and change the projection with Qgis)


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