What is the recommended way to name the "name" field in Choices sheet

Hello all,

I have a build form in which I have several select_one types with multiple choices. In the choices field, I have used numerical values for the "name" field and text values for the "label" field. I realize now once I receive the results and download the excel, the values under the columns are all numerical. This doesn't make a lot of sense unless I do a join later.
I would like to ask what is the recommended way to deal with this. As of now I see two choices:

  1. I use text values instead of numbers or
  2. I keep the number and join the results later with the text values (which will add one additional step in the process.

Is there another way that I am not aware?

@dkarakostis the best option is to use a short string with no spaces that makes sense to the person analysing the data.
Numerical names reduce string length stored, but as you mentioned, may need more work to decipher.
Example: "house hold number" to "hh_num"