What’s New: Project spaces and improvements to submission editing

Since our last update in June, we've added some incredible new features to Collect and Central. Below are the highlights of what we've been able to accomplish together and a sneak peek at what's coming early next year.

:iphone: Project spaces to separate forms, data, and settings

In Collect, we’ve added project spaces that can separate forms, data, and settings. This allows data collectors to work on different data collection efforts across different servers or even share one device among multiple data collectors.

Each project is identified by a name, icon, and color, and you can switch between them from the main menu. If you are using Central, scan the QR code from Central and Collect will be configured for that project.

We’ve also reworked Collect’s look and feel to better match Android’s design guidelines. If you haven’t upgraded to Collect v2021.3, you are missing out!

:muscle: Improvements to submission editing, Power BI integration, and security

In Central, we recently added submission editing and submission review states so project managers can flag problems with incoming data, discuss those problems, and make changes to the data. Our newest release adds a graphical overview of any changes to submissions so you can quickly see which fields were changed and how.

We’ve also added improvements to our live-updating Power BI integration, increased data access logging for more security, and thanks to our incredible volunteers, added Japanese and Italian translations.

The easiest way to get started with Central is with ODK Cloud because no technical skills are required. If you are technical and prefer to self-host, start here.

:mag_right: What’s coming next?

We'll be adding the ability to load locations into Collect and select those locations from a map in the form. If, for example, you need to select a specific household for followup or associate environmental samples with a specific river, you’re going to love this feature.

In Central, we’re adding export options so you can split select multiples, remove group names, and include previously deleted fields. You’ll also soon be able to configure all the settings in Collect from Central!

:sparkles: One more thing

The reason ODK exists is to help leading social impact organizations collect the data they need wherever it is. Here are three examples of the impact our users are having.