What should I learn and study?


Would please advise me by refereances (free pdfs, wedsites, YouTupe channel, etc) to lrean how to manage the data collected via forms on tablets and server using ODK. Such as how to set the name of the instances folder and the files within it, what is the used of(layers) folder?, how to set the command button like (Start a new form) to go to another window to downlaod a new form, or an empty form.

During the past period, I achiaved an Xform (Survey, Choise, Setting), and I wish to lrean more about the mechanicaland how to mange the file and collected forms (data).

Waiting for your apprecaited feedback.


Hi @bushra, the ODK documentation at https://docs.getodk.org/ covers all details of all components of the software, how to set up and manage everything.

There's a section on data collector workflows in the docs that outlines several ways to structure your data collection. The Showcase and Community categories on the forum are great places to learn about how other people have used ODK for their data needs.

On YouTube, a particularly good channel is https://www.youtube.com/@HumanitarianDataSolutions - although many of the videos focus on Kobo, the concepts usually apply to ODK as well.