What's New: Workflow automation, geospatial data, and proving performance

Since our last announcement in September, we've been working on workflow automation in ODK Central, improvements to geospatial data collection in ODK Collect, and providing visibility into ODK Cloud's performance.

:robot:  Automating registration/follow-up in Central

Exciting news for Central users! You can now send submitted data back to your devices for use in other forms. This functionality, which is now in preview, is part of our ongoing work making ODK better for longitudinal data collection. Give the Entities preview a try and let us know what you think.

Also, did you know any action you can take in the Central UI is available via API? It's a powerful way to automate your work and pyODK makes using that API more straightforward. We've just added methods for submission edits and published comprehensive documentation.

:world_map:  Collecting data about known places in Collect

Whether you are inspecting buildings after a disaster, finding hamlets during a micro-census, or ground-truthing remotely sensed plots, you'll love the new geospatial capabilities we've added to Collect.

In addition to points, you can now use Collect to select lines and shapes from a map. Attach a CSV or GeoJSON to specify your features and metadata, and yes, it works with offline layers!

:rocket:  Providing visibility into ODK Cloud's performance

ODK Cloud is fully-managed hosting of Central. It's designed for professionals who need guarantees of speed, stability, and security. We aim for 99.999% uptime for ODK Cloud and we've recently added a status page so you can verify our claims of speed and stability.

To keep you safe, all ODK Cloud data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We also actively mitigate threats and practice responsible disclosure. Learn more in our privacy policy, data processing agreement, and vulnerability disclosure policy.

:camera_flash:  Share your best photos

We are updating materials that showcase ODK, and we would love to include photos of you using ODK! Help us highlight your impactful work by contributing photos this week.