When I try to filter choices in a repeat, why do I get a type mismatch error?

repeat.xlsx (52.3 KB)


When I use "repeat", I am receiving this error message "XPath evaluation:type mismatch .. you may need the indexed-repeat() function to specify which value you want". I couldn't solve the problem. Could you please help me with solving it?

Thank you in advance

version : v1.4.15

Filtering in repeat group does not work currently.

I do not know how to fix it. Can you tell me how I can fix it?
I am new to odk.

@eyupeker There is a bug in Collect that means there is no official support for choice filters in repeats as @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN stated.

There have been recent discussions on how to add that support and this will hopefully be addressed relatively soon. If you or someone you work with is a developer, consider joining the technical discussion about this described at Quick tech call: rectifying current() in choice filter.