When is the deadline of using ODK Aggregate in the future?

Anyone noticed that the warning note about Aggregate?
Aggregate is no longer actively developed. Please use ODK Central instead.
Because our project research team is using Aggregate with Postgre SQL to collect and store data, We are worried about the feasibility and availability of Aggregate in the next few years.
I know Aggregate is working now, but still worried about the warning of switching to ODK central.
When will be the deadline or the time of service termination of ODK Aggregate?
Can anyone answer my question? Thanks a million.


When we say “Aggregate is no longer actively developed”, we mean that the ODK core team does not fix bugs, add features, review PRs, improve documentation, or release new versions of Aggregate. We may occasionally answer support questions.

The core team (and the technical advisory board) believe that Central is where we should be investing our limited resources. We encourage users to migrate from Aggregate when they are able and we are working to provide more documentation and improved tools to facilitate migration.

The Aggregate codebase is available at https://github.com/getodk/aggregate and we expect it will remain there. The core functionality is likely to work indefinitely but at some point it may no longer be possible to deploy on modern infrastructure and external integrations such as with Google Sheets will stop working as those products evolve.

Thanks so much for your information and help.
Your information is very helpful. And in the near future, I believe we will try to migrate our project data from ODK Aggregate to ODK Central at our own convenience.
Thank your core team a million again for your valuable support.


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