Which open source licence to share xlsform definitions

Hi to all,

we are close to publish and share most of the forms (~30) we develop (@nathalie_H, @hugono and I) and use at work and I wanted to know if any of you in this community had already use an opensource license to do so. Our goal is to encourage people to use ODK for nature conservation and to encourage them to share back their improvement, no matter if they are uses by profit or non-profit organization.

XLSFform files are not software so maybe a cc-by-sa licence should be a good choice ?

We are new at publishing technical work under license so any advise from form creators, R or python scripts writers and others will be appreciated.


Our docs (which has XLSForms) and this forum's content is CC BY 4.0. In general, for code we use Apache 2 and CC BY 4.0 for everything else.

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