WHO seeks Project Officer in Congo-Brazzaville

Position description

The incumbent will be expected to perform the following duties:--> Establish new surveys in the Open Data Kit (ODK)-based system;--> Establish SQL-based data visualization platform, Metabase to review data and identify data entry errors or logical errors;--> Work with field teams to resolve issues identified by the data;--> Establish the Metabase system to produce outputs that will be posted on the ESPEN NTD Portal, such as, format data to the Epidemiological Reporting Form (EPIRF);--> Provide training and support for the ESPEN Collect app (Android based), mobile phone equipment, and access and use of the Metabase project website;--> Support national programs to download data for storage in national databases;--> Design a web-based application/platform which serves as a central repository of all data, information, and reports on PC-NTD; --> Design, develop and maintain data exchange interfaces and mechanisms with external partners and data collection focal points;--> Contribute to resource mobilization and advocacy activities in support of the implementation of WHO and AFRO Resolutions in collaboration with EPG, ORD and WCOs;--> Perform other related responsibilities as assigned, including replacing and backstopping for others, as required.

Connection to ODK

Duties: Establish new surveys in the Open Data Kit (ODK)-based system;

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