Why is all my question text replaced by hyphens when I use images in multi-selects?

I have tried this method with select_multiple and while it's successful in showing the thumbnails and also letting a user click many, it does break the xml when pushed through XLSform Offline. It validates, then when you open in Collect, all the text (label, hint, etc) is replaced by a hyphen. The question is not in a group and has one relevance argument, if that helps. Is multi-select of images unsupported?

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@esobel Can you provide a sample form that has this problem? And also include the version of XLSForm Offline and Collect you are using?

I'm using Nafundi Offline v1.4.0 and Collect v1.16.2
Sample form and output below.
img_test.xml (14.8 KB)
img_test.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Can you please try the latest XLSForm Offline tool? https://github.com/opendatakit/xlsform-offline/releases/latest (currently v1.7.0)

Downloading now, thanks! Will update when I've tried again.

This is usually because a translation is missing. If you define a language for one UI element (e.g. label::English instead of just label), you need to make sure all UI elements including media also define a language. You can read more at https://docs.opendatakit.org/form-language/.

From a quick look at your form, I think what is happening is that the default language defines images and English defines text. If you change the language to English, you should see the text as expected.


This worked like a dream, thanks!! :+1:

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